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Back to School, Back to Work

Posted September 19, 2017 in Job Hunting
Post-secondary education can be expensive. Whether you’re relying on a student loan, scholarships, your parents, or your own savings, it can be hard to live day to day when it feels like all your money is going towards school.
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Losing your job sucks – How to get back to work after losing your job

Posted August 15, 2017 in Job Hunting
Nobody likes the feeling of being called into the supervisor’s office only to be informed that you are being let go. Regardless of the circumstances, losing your job is rarely a cause for celebration.
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When it comes to compensation, it’s not all about the money

Posted July 05, 2017 in Job Hunting, In the Workplace, Career Choices
Most us of have an idea of how much money a job needs to pay us in order to be worth it. Where we set that bar – be it high or low – is up to us. That said, compensation isn’t just about your pay rate or your yearly salary. When searching for jobs, it’s important look at how companies compensate employees in other ways
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What Interviewers Notice about You that could cost a Job

Posted May 11, 2017 in Interviewing
If you think what you say in a job interview is the only thing that matters, guess again! According to survey results from Undercover Recruiter there are a lot of things that could negatively impact your chances of getting hired that you might not even realize.
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Quitting with class: Leaving your job with no regrets

Posted April 06, 2017 in Career Choices
While you might want to throw your ID badge in your manager’s face and torch the place as you exit the premises, this is not the right way to leave a job. Sure, you’re frustrated and pretty much done with the job, you have to remember that you may need a good reference one day, and it’s important not to burn your bridges.
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Getting Out There: How to Effectively Network

Posted February 13, 2017 in Job Hunting, Career Advice
The 2017 job market is very competitive. An education, resume and cover letter aren’t always enough to truly represent you and what you have to offer. Today, networking plays a vital role for job seekers and career changers. Emailing your old university mentor once doesn’t really qualify as networking; you truly have to have a multi-faceted plan in order to stand out.
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